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Over the years, NeonEdge Design developers have developed numerous software applications, CGI scripts, and JavaScript features. Many of these are proprietary or specialized to the individual client, however a few are reasonably generic enough that we decided to offer them as FREE downloads. Please read the Readme files and any License files before using them in your projects.


Several of the projects that we have worked on used mixed-language programming. We found that we were often duplicating configuration information for these applications due to the differentiation in file formats. What we have developed here is a Perl Module that will read Java .properties files and Windows .ini files, and also allow you to embed special Perl-only configuration variables that are ignored by those respective languages/OSs. This allowed us to utilize existing configuration files and also allow us to add our own variables without affecting the existing appliations. Click here to go to the ManPage.

NeonDB (Coming Soon)

Easy to administer, Simple to learn, and Affordable to own. NeonEdge's NeonDB Web Database offers many of the same features and functionality that our competitors do, but at a fraction of the price. If you're looking for a web-based database that you don't have to be a Computer Science major to manage, then NeonDB is just what the doctor ordered. » NeonDB Features.